Robert Young Estate

robert young estate


Robert Young Estate Winery selects the finest fruit from small sections of the family vineyards to produce Chardonnay; Scion, a red Bordeaux-style wine; and Merlot. In those years when certain special sections of Robert Young Vineyards provide perfect fruit, we also make Red Winery Road, Bob’s Burn Pile Cabernet Sauvignon, and Big Rock Block Cabernet Franc— all in very small batches of 50 to 150 cases.

The scions of Robert Young are descendants of a long line of farmers. Throughout five generations of farming the same property, they understand the most efficient, best way to cultivate their land. From wheat to cattle to prunes and now wine grapes, they have sustained a unique balance of dedication to and preservation of the land.

Cultivation of grapes began when Robert Young Vineyards was established in 1963. Seeing the potential of the emerging wine industry, Robert Young gradually converted what was then the prune orchard into vineyards, which is why